Weather set to improve and ease harvest prospects

Good news at last for farmers as the weather forecast is considerably brighter heading into next week.

There are still showers across Britain today, particularly in the East, moving from eastern Scotland to eastern England throughout the day, accordin gto the Met Office.

There are also expected showers set to hit Northern Ireland and western Scotland on Saturday, which will then reach Wales and western England.

But by Sunday there should only be isolated showers, with the majority of the day filled with sunshine.

Farmers in the north of the UK will have to delay their harvest plans, as they contend with wet and windy weather, but for the majority of Britain the forecast brings relief, with a dry and bright Monday to Wednesday predicted.

By Thursday, the only rain should be contained in the far northwest of the UK, with everywhere else celebrating fine weather, which is set to continue over the weekend. The far northwest should also become dry and brighter over the weekend.

The drier weather will come as a relief to many farmers who have been battling against the elements to try and collect the harvest over this abnormally wet summer.

However, the Met Office did warn that there is no guarantee this dry spell will continue much past next weekend, with indications suggesting the weather will become more unsettled as we move into September, especially in the north of the UK.