Webinar: Combating fungicide resistance

Farmers need to find ways to combat problems in crop protection that are caused by development of resistance to fungicides.

Pathogen resistance to fungicides is widespread. This is especially true with wheat’s most damaging disease, septoria.

The performance of many modern fungicides have been affected to some degree, but resistance problems could become much worse.

New products launched over the past couple years could help farmers better deal with this.

In this webinar a panel of experts give advice on how wheat growers can best deal with the problem of resistance and answer your questions.

We take a look at issues including:

  • How resistance mechanisms vary
  • What the high-risk indicators are
  • How resistance usually builds up
  • Which main resistance management strategies are currently recommended

Our webinar host is David Jones, Farmers Weekly deputy arable editor, and the experts on panel are:

  • Nick Anderson, head of crop technology, Velcourt
  • Dr Aoife O’Driscoll, crop protection and agronomy specialist, Niab
  • John Fraser, Inatreq active principal biologist, Corteva Agriscience
  • Julian Gibbons, farmer, M Gibbons and Sons, Upper Farm

Our partner

Univoq logo

Corteva Agriscience is a world-leading agricultural inputs business focused on delivering the solutions farmers need to succeed.

Innovation is the foundation upon which Corteva was built with a renowned portfolio of robust, reliable products, including its new Univoq fungicide.

Containing Inatreq active, which is from a whole new class of chemistry, Univoq has a unique site of action ensuring exceptional, lasting control of septoria and rusts in cereal crops. The product is further enhanced by Corteva’s patented i-Q4 formulation which allows the product to stick to and spread across the leaf’s surface.

It is discoveries and developments such as this which push the boundaries of the possible, strengthened by the depth of knowledge and expertise which allows Corteva’s customers to get the most out of its innovations.

Corteva will continue to work alongside its customers to enable them to continue running profitable, thriving businesses for generations to come.

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