Welsh barley fine but straw quality poor

Welsh grower Geoff Thomas, who finished combining his 14ha (35 acres) of Carat winter barley at Pantycoch, Castle Morris near Haverfordwest on Tuesday, was pleased with its yield – but its straw quality was disappointing.

“It did comfortably 3t/acre at about 14% moisture, and I’m delighted with that so long as it’s worth something,” he said. “I’d been very concerned because we’d had so little sun and I thought that might have affected the yield.”

However, the dull damp weather meant the crop was cut about 10 days later than normal which had clearly degraded the straw.

“The straw quality is dreadful after all the wetting and drying it’s been through. We bale for other people as well – it’s all smashed to pieces.”

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