Wheat cutting begins in East Yorks

Paul Temple near Driffield, East Yorkshire, had just begun cutting 120ha of winter wheat today. Robigus, Claire and Alchemy were all looking equally as good.

“We’re combining the flat, laid stuff at the moment. If we can get it done before the night then we’ll be happy but it’s tough and slow.”

He said there was plenty of corn which was just fit, although the straw was looking green in places. He expected to finish cutting within seven or eight days, which would be a week to 10 days earlier than normal.

Mr Temple was pleased with Saffron winter barley which had yielded 9t/ha, and quality was fine for a feed variety.

He was also pleased with 40ha of Castille and Royal oilseed rape which yielded 4t/ha. Although oil content had not yet been tested he said the sample looked good.

• Crop: Winter barley
• Variety: Saffron
• Area: N/A
• Yield: 9t/ha

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