Wheat well underway in Kent.

Winter wheat cutting which started a week last Monday with Hereward, was now continuing with Solstice for Martin Boulden of Court Lodge, Aldington, Ashford, Kent.

Mr Boulden was pleased with 101ha (250 acres) of Hereward which was “all in the shed.” It yielded 8.5 t/ha with Hagberg’s of between 250-300, protein at 14% and bushel weight of 80kg/hl.

He was now working on 89ha (220 acres) of Solstice and had completed 40ha (100 acres) at 14% moisture yielding around 10 t/ha.

Also being cut on the farm was 202ha (500 acres) of Claire, of which 101ha (250 acres) had been cut yielding between 8-9t/ha. It was cut at 13% moisture and he said it looked a nice sample considering the conditions over the last six months.

Mr Boulden finished 223ha (550 acres) Castille, Lioness, NK Bravour and Borneo oilseed rape yielding 3.7t/ha (30 cwt/acre) around two weeks ago. He said yields met his five year average and he said he had been fortunate in comparison with neighbours who lost up to 100% due to weather damage (mostly hail). 

Mr Boulden thought his wheat yields may be down by 2t/ha this year due to the dry April when crops were without rain for eight weeks.

He said: “This harvest is not as a good as I’d like to see,” but added that with higher prices he would be about as well off as last year.

Mr Boulden also had a few hectares of dried peas yet to harvest.

• Crop: Oilseed rape
o Area: 223ha
o Varieties: Castille, lioness, NK Bravour and Borneo
o Yield: 3.7t/ha

• Crop: Winter wheat
• Area: 392ha
o Variety: Hereward
o Area: 101ha
o Yield: 8.5 t/ha
o Hagberg: 250-300
o Protein: 14%
o Bushel weight: 80kg/hl.

o Variety: Claire
o Area: 101ha cut of 202ha 
o Yield: 8-9t/ha.
o Moisture: cut 13%

o Variety: Solstice
o Area: 40ha cut of 89ha
o Yield: 10 t/ha
o Moisture: cut 14%

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