Wheat yields are average in East Anglia

Wheat yield from across East Anglia has been average but varied according to Camgrain’s managing director Philip Darke.

Seventy percent of group-one milling wheat expected in at Camgrain had successfully come in.

It had 12.8% average protein, 79 kg/hl average specific weight and 270 Hagberg. 

Mr Darke thought a combination of poor establishment and the drought April were responsible for the most yield losses. However he said crops growing on chalk-based and heavier soils tended to ride the weather better.

A similar percentage (75%) of spring barley was also received at Camgrain. had tended to have nitrogen below 1.7.

Optic, Tipple and Cocktail averaged 80-90% retention, 65kg/hl specific weight and 1.65% nitrogen.

• Crop: Winter wheat
• Complete: 75%
o Protein: 17.8%
o Specific weight: 79 kg/hl
o Hagberg number: 270. 
o Retention: 80-90%
o Specific weight: 65kg/hl
o Nitrogen 1.65.

• Crop: Spring barley
• Complete: 75%
o Varieties: Optic, Tipple and Cocktail
o Retention: 80-90%
o Specific weight: 65kg/hl
o Nitrogen 1.65.


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