Wide range of machinery making Cereals debut

A wide array of new and updated machines from many of the agricultural industry’s leading manufacturers will make their debut at next month’s Cereals event.

In addition to the hundreds of stands displaying the latest equipment, some machines will be brought to life in the 10ha Working Demonstration Plots. “Anyone looking to invest in new machinery, whether they are looking to upgrade a machine or re-equip on a larger scale, should find exactly what they are looking for,” says event director Jon Day, of Haymarket Exhibitions.


Plenty of tractors are making their Cereals debut. Kubota UK will show its new M110GX and M135GX machines. The range-topping M135GX has a high-comfort cab, a new 24×24-speed semi-powershift transmission and a fully-suspended front axle.

McCormick distributor AgriArgo UK is unveiling a five-model range of six-cylinder tractors. The X70 series spans 150-232hp with power boost and is powered by a “leaner and greener” version of the 6.7-litre McCormick BetaPower engine.

John Deere’s new 6R Series small and medium-sized tractors, rated from 105 to 150hp, offer improved suspension and cab visibility, more powerful hydraulics and increased lift capacities. Transmission options include the newly-designed 24-speed DirectDrive.

New Holland’s recently introduced T6 tractor – models range from 119 to 175hp – will feature alongside its bigger brother, the T7, giving visitors a chance to see the ECOBlue SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) NEF engines, with up to 10% lower operating costs.

Massey Ferguson has four new six-cylinder tractors joining the MF 7600 Series range, which now boasts eight tractors in two chassis sizes, ranging from 140hp up to 235hp.

They can be specified with Dyna-6 Eco, semi-powershift or Dyna-VT continuously-variable transmission. All are equipped with the latest Agco Sisu Power e³ engines.


Two new MF 7300 Activa S combines extend the Massey Ferguson range. Both are now powered by Agco Sisu Power engines, equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), developing 243hp in the five straw-walker Activa 7345 S and 276hp in the six straw-walker 7347 S. PowerFlow headers are available from 5.4m to 6.2m or FreeFlow tables from 4.8m to 7.6m.

Cultivators and drills

Several drills offering one-pass establishment are debuting at Cereals, including Mzuris’s new Pro-Til 4T trailed strip-till drill. The 4m machine has 360mm-row spacing, with 120mm-wide band-sowing coulter and variable seed metering.

Claydon is displaying its new oilseed rape drill, the V Rape Speed, which establishes oilseed rape directly into uncultivated stubble. The machine has a working width of 5m and is fitted with patented two-tine strip-till legs mounted at 60cm row spacing.

Weaving has developed a smaller zero-till drill for small to medium-sized farms. The 1.5t hopper version is available in 3m or 4m versions and only needs 100hp to pull it. It can plant all seed sizes, from oilseed rape to beans.

By contrast, Amazone’s new 15m-tine coulter Condor 15001 direct drill has a hopper capacity of 8,000 litres and will require at least 270hp upfront. A daily work rate of 150ha is possible, the company claims.

Amazone is also launching the Citan 6000, a 6m solo drill, to work on cultivated land offering high-output drilling with minimum horsepower requirement.

Several new cultivators will be on show for the first time at Cereals, including Teagle’s trailed 4m folding version of the Multidisc Vario. This combined disc and tine cultivator offers variable on-the-move tillage intensity, saving fuel and reducing downtime between different operations.

Gregoire Besson UK’s Helidisc cultivator uses hydraulically-adjustable front and back discs with independent control for a more level finish.

Varying tine, disc and press options produce two models to suit light/medium and medium/heavy land.

The firm is also launching its R6 plough suitable for 180-280hp tractors and available in four or five furrows.

Opico is unveiling the Puma, a new folding rotary cultivator from Maschio for 120-200hp tractors – at 3.2m, 3.7m and 4.2m – with a variety of tine and roller options. The firm is also showing the 18.3m five-section HE-VA King Roller.

Brevi power harrows and cultivators make their Cereals debut. Models span 1.1-7m working widths for tractors from 30 to 350hp. UK distributor RECO is offering a five-year warranty on machines. Sulky’s new Cultiline HR “Series 1000” power harrows will also share the Reco stand.


Krone has achieved higher output on the BiG Pack HighSpeed baler by increasing the throughput capacity of the variable feed system (VFS) by 18% and the stroke frequency of the piston plunger on the BiG Pack 1270, 1290 and 1290 HDP models.

The Bellima baler is Krone’s low-maintenance, fixed chamber round baler, featuring the camless 1,400mm EasyFlow pick-up. New Holland has chosen Cereals to launch the successor to the BB9000 big baler, but is keeping details under wraps until the event.

GPS and more

A range of clever new electronics, including more state-of-the-art precision farming tools, are being shown at Cereals.

Techneat’s Intelli-Rate controller is said to increase the precision of OSR seeding, sending information from precision farming mapping systems direct to the company’s GPS-guided variable-rate seed-metering mechanism, fitted to seeder units on one-pass sub-soiler and tillage establishment systems.

Teagle is offering variable-rate spreading on its Centerliner SXC range via a touchscreen Blackbox from Patchwork. The SX range can hold up to 5x600kg bags and spread to 24m.

Agrisem front-mounted seed and fertiliser hoppers with variable-rate electric drive and GPS are also on show, while Horstine has developed a new generation of Airstream pneumatic fertiliser applicators with updated software that allows variable-rate application.

New steering guidance systems also feature widely. TeeJet Technologies is introducing the UniPilot assisted portable steering system, designed for use with the Matrix Pro guidance system. GPS signal options include WAAS, OminSTAR or RTK with the optional TeeJet RX510 or RX610 GNSS receivers.

John Deere’s multi-brand satellite guidance system, AutoTrac Controller, is now available for other makes of tractor and older John Deere models, increasing productivity and machine efficiency and saving 10-15% on fuel bills, says the company.

CLAAS UK has expanded its UK RTK (Real Time Kinematics) signal network and is increasing the signal strength. The company is also introducing a new base station, providing an open signal accessible by any RTK receiver using CMR+.

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