Wilts farmer pleased with yields

“Harvest is going very well, I’m pleased with most of the yields,” said Roger Moore from Salisbury, Wiltshire. Forty-eight hectares of Alchemy winter wheat grown for seed on contract for a crop breeder yielded 10.6t/ha.

He is currently cutting 240ha of Optic spring barley, and said that nitrogen was “spot on” for malting at 1.65% with yields of 7.5t/ha, and had been sold to Wiltshire Grain.

But he was anxious to get the rest of the spring barley cut. “If we get a windy day or a drop of rain, the spring barley starts to brackel.”

Oilseed rape yields were “not that exciting” at 3.75t/ha. The 160ha seed crop had good samples, with Castille performing slightly better than Lioness. By comparison, grass seeds had seen “super yields”, he said.

The 100-150ha of Madagascar and Cooper peas were all cut and yielded 5t/ha. “They were very dry but it was quite a nice sample.”

He added: “The great thing is that everything is coming in dry. I’m pleased nothing has gone through the continuous dryer and it is only left on the floor. We’ll be happy to have another week of this same dry weather.”

• Crop/ Variety: Alchemy winter wheat
• Area: 48ha
• Yield: 10.6t/ha

• Crop/ Variety: Optic Spring barley
• Area: N/A
• Yield: 7.5t/ha
• Quality: N1.65%

• Crop/Variety: Castille and Lioness oilseed rape
• Area: 160ha
• Yield: 3.75t/ha

• Crop/Variety: Madagascar and Cooper peas
• Area: 100 –150ha
• Yield: 5t/ha

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