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Winning returns with Murray – top oilseed rape on the East/West Only Recommended List

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LS Plant Breeding have a long and successful track record in oilseed rape and pulse breeding, bringing UK farmers varieties with improved yield, agronomics and consistent performance.

Murray sits at the top of the East/West region only division of  the AHDB Recommended List for winter oilseed rape.

Murray has a winning combination of very high yield, exceptional RlmS Phoma resistance plus very good light leaf spot resistance – rated by many growers as the two most important diseases on their farm.

Murray has outstanding agronomic merit – scoring 48.7 using LSPB AM Rating Calculation compared with market leader Aurelia at 45.5

It is one of four LSPB hybrid oilseed rape varieties – with Vegas, Respect and Flemming  – that feature the new RlmS gene boasting high yields and good light leaf spot scores.

The RlmS gene gives growers access to a new set of genetics to help manage phoma resistance.

This unique resistance is also associated with strong overall plant health, and the gene brings especially good stem resistance for better protection against verticillium and sclerotinia pathogens.

It is important to stress that RlmS gene is an alternative and not a replacement for the longstanding Rlm7 gene which has been the cornerstone of phoma resistance in oilseed rape.

However, with additional recent reports from France about the reduced effectiveness of the Rlm7 gene, the introduction of RlmS brings a spread of of resistance genes vital for maximising longevity of UK crop production (Marie-Helene Balesdent, Valerie Laval et al

As further background, work carried out by the University of Hertfordshire in 2018 by Mitrousia, Huang et al looked at the change in virulence of L. maculan isolates against Rlm7 showing early signs of change in the UK following the example of what has happened in France (

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Light leaf spot incidence is on the increase and in terms of losses, is the most important disease in oilseed rape. Murray has the second highest combination of light leaf spot and phoma resistance – second only to LSPB’s Vegas.

Murray has demonstrated good resistance to verticillium, even though no single gene has yet been identified that provides significant resistance.

Trials work by LSPB’s parent company NPZ shows good late season stem health as seen with Murray aid the variety to maintain yield potential – even with delayed harvest.

Trials work by LSPB’s parent company NPZ shows good late season stem health as seen with Murray aid the variety to maintain yield potential

Graph showing production technology trails

In summary, Murray has outstanding agronomic merit with its disease resistance and strong set on agronomic characters.

It is very vigorous – particularly in the spring – with high resistance to lodging, high stem stiffness, shortness of stem and is early flowering with mid-maturity.