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With so many oilseed rape varieties being marketed, some of which have specific recommendations or specialist end uses, most growers want high gross output with good resistance to disease and lodging. Discover which varieties are performing well in your region, as well as the latest advice on how to grow them.

Case studies

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Why Holl oilseed rape is working for winning grower

Lincolnshire grower Mark Stubbs switched to growing high oleic low linoleic (Holl) oilseed rape varieties for the chance to earn a premium price and now sets an ambitious target yield…


Job profile: What’s it like to be a seeds sales manager?

If you have got a passion for crops and want to be on the front line of variety developments then a job as a seed product manager could be the…


How drought and pests have challenged our four OSR growers

Very dry soils and persistent cabbage stem flea beetle activity have made oilseed rape establishment more challenging than expected for most of our Oilseed Rape Masters this season. In the…


Added-value crops help manage risk on variable soils

Growing crops for added value premiums allows Northampton farmer Rick Davies to offset the extra income against the effects of cropping highly variable soils. With 404ha of combinable crops being…


Bold rapeseed variety choice secures profitable future

Since estate manager Toby Hogsbjerg made the radical decision to completely switch to Clearfield oilseed rape varieties, the estate's rapeseed crops have yielded almost 1t/ha more. A serious charlock problem…


Video: World record OSR yield attempt in Lincolnshire

High on the Lincolnshire Wolds, grower Tim Lamyman is trying to break his own world yield record for oilseed rape and the omens look good. There is thick carpet of…

Practical advice

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Tips on getting most from clubroot-resistant OSR varieties

Clubroot-resistant OSR varieties are a valuable tool for keeping the crop in the rotation, but growers should also deploy other measures such as liming affected fields. That’s because an over-reliance…


Guide to which OSR varieties to drill in summer 2020

There is a whole host of very good winter oilseed rape varieties on the current AHDB Recommended List, with 13 new additions to consider for all areas and growing situations,…


A regional guide to OSR variety choices for autumn 2019

Choosing the right oilseed variety is becoming increasingly important for growers across Britain, as they look to reduce the risk of a costly crop failure resulting from its many regional challenges.…


Expert picks his top OSR varieties for this summer

With nine new winter oilseed rape varieties on this year’s AHDB Recommended List, growers have 26 different varieties to choose from when drilling the 2019-20 crop this summer. Three of…


Advice on picking OSR varieties to drill this autumn

The new format of the winter oilseed rape Recommended List can’t disguise the fact that growers have never had such a good range of varieties to choose from. While the…


High-yielding OSR variety helps growers fight disease

Oilseed rape growers now have a high-yielding option that offers resistance to the turnip yellows virus, which can reduce yields by up to 30%. Architect is the only variety on…


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First-ever sclerotinia-tolerant OSR could help cut costs

Oilseed rape growers may be able to save money and miss out on a fungicide flowering spray by drilling the first ever variety with tolerance to stem rot disease sclerotinia.…


Analysis: Cost of extreme weather on 2020 crop performance

The weather extremes in the hugely difficult 2019-20 cropping season provided a unique test of crop performance, with some new winter wheat varieties showing promise. From some of the wettest…


Harvest 2020: The 5 top-yielding OSR varieties map

Throughout the harvest season, we are updating our handy map with the latest data from 2020’s AHDB oilseed rape Recommended List harvest results. Use the map below to find the…


A guide to the top 6 yielding OSR varieties on the UK list

The five new high-yielding additions to the UK oilseed rape Recommended List all come from the same breeder as Aspire, the existing top performer. Newcomers Acacia, Ambassador, Aurelia, Artemis and…


Demand for healthy fish and chip oil sees premium for OSR

Oilseed rape growers are set to get a boost from the humble fish and chip shop, as high street fryers turn to healthy rapeseed oil that will earn farmers a…


How OSR establishment risk-share schemes compare

Money-back schemes designed to compensate growers for some of the economic risk associated with failed oilseed rape establishment are being offered on seed purchases of selected varieties again this year.…


Newer varieties mean spring OSR worth another look

Growers are being urged to reconsider oilseed rape in their spring cropping mix, with newer varieties offering a step up in yield and increased vigour. With the challenging autumn conditions,…


Variety verdict: How Recommended List additions aid growers

Four new high-yielding oilseed rape varieties have come in at the top of the Recommended List for the UK, as Limagrain’s breeding programme comes to fruition. Six out of the…


Harvest 2019: The 5 top-yielding winter oilseed rape varieties

Throughout the harvest season, we are updating our handy map with the latest data from 2019’s AHDB winter oilseed rape Recommended List harvest results. Use the map below to find…


How OSR growers will benefit from genome-wide breeding

The adoption of genome-wide selection by a major oilseed rape breeder could see a trebling in the yearly genetic gain in yields, along with new designer varieties. Over the past…


What the new TuYV-resistant varieties mean for OSR yields

Two new varieties on the Recommended List this year offer growers the opportunity to protect their crops from the turnip yellows virus while also achieving top yields. When the first…


How Clearfield varieties can tackle erucic acid in OSR

Rapeseed exceeding erucic acid limits continues to be a problem for crushers, resulting in farmers facing deductions or even rejections of loads. Erucic acid is a naturally occurring fatty acid…