Winter barley yields falter in County Down, Ireland

Winter barley yields falter in County Down, Ireland 

Winter barley yielded a disappointing 6.4 t/ha (2.6 t/acre) at 17% moisture content for Mark McFerran of Battletown Farm, Newtonards, County Down.

Working between showers, he finished his 31ha (77 acres) of Camion and Colossus (six-row) winter barley last Friday [27th July] which he sold straight from the field. Today he had just one load of straw bales left to sell.

Mr McFerran thought yields suffered from the autumn dry period when plants struggled to establish, “Rain makes grain” he added.

With diversification on farm Mr Mcferran said he was keeping arable work simple to manage it well,” Were done and dusted,” he added.

Mr Mcferran was thankful that prices this year were nearly double those seen 12 months ago. That made up for the poor yields.

• Crop: Winter barley
• Varieties: Camion and Colossus (6-row)
• Area: 31ha
• Yield: 2.6 t/acre
• Moisture content: 17%

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