Work to resume in Yorks after long break

After a long break, David Hinchliffe of Bank House Farm, Goole, Yorkshire, hoped to be back on the combine this afternoon (August 22).

“We’ve got about 57ha (140 acres) of Alchemy and Brompton wheat left and it’s looking alright – I don’t think it’s deteriorated yet,” he said.

Of the 260ha (642 acres) of Cordiale, Brompton and Alchemy harvested so far, yields had averaged 9.25t/ha (3.7t/acre) across the first and second wheats. That was about 1t/ha (0.4t/acre) down on normal years.

The Castille and Astrid oilseed rape was moderate, at between 3.8t and 4t/ha (1.5-1.6t/acre).

“We’re not too unhappy, given the season we’ve had,” he said. “Hopefully we’ll finish the wheat over the weekend and get the winter beans tied up so that we can get on with sowing the winter rape before the spring beans and linseed are ready to cut.”

Crop: Winter wheat
Area: 260ha (642 acres)
Varieties: Cordiale, Alchemy and Brompton
Yield: 9.25t/ha (3.7t/acre)

Crop: Oilseed rape
Varieties: Castille and Astrid
Yield 3.8-4t/ha (1.5-1.6t/acre)

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