Yorks crops stand well despite the rain

Given the wet weather, Derek Lamplough of Manor Farm was relieved that crops were not ready to harvest yet.

He expected his 57ha (142 acres) of Tipple spring barley to be ready within a fortnight and his 80ha (200 acres) of Robigus and Zebedee winter wheat to be ready within three weeks.

Crops were still standing on his chalky loam soils, although he was aware of lodging elsewhere. He also had vining peas and potatoes.

Despite rain this morning he said that the forecast didn’t look too bad for him this week, but he was sympathetic to those who had crops to harvest elsewhere.

“This year has been completely different to last year. Sometimes changes can happen that you don’t expect – sometimes for good and sometimes for bad,” he ended.

Prospective harvest
• Crop: winter wheat
• Area total: 80ha (200 acres)
• Varieties: Robigus and Zebedee

• Crop: winter barley
• Area total: 56.8ha (142 acres)
• Variety: Tipple

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