Conrad Energy

Conrad Energy is a leading UK energy company. We’re powering the move towards renewables through innovation and technology.

We supply energy to the National Grid and to businesses around the UK, offering short- and long-term contracts that cut both costs and carbon.

If you own land, we can help leverage it to create long-term revenue, fully funding projects such as solar farms and battery storage systems, to providing secure long-term income without capital cost.

If you have one or more existing power generation assets, why not sell your energy to us and maximise your income?

Whether you have flexible or renewable assets, we’ll buy your energy on a short- or long-term basis, providing you with a reliable revenue stream

If you want to reduce your costs and carbon footprint and improve the security of your supply, we can install on- or near-site energy solutions at no cost to your business.

Pay for energy on a fixed term at a fixed rate for peace of mind, achieving savings of up to 30%.

For more information, please visit or call us on 01235 427290.


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