Agrochemical price comparison tool launched

Online farm input sourcing platform Yagro is launching an agrochemical price comparison tool.

It takes chemical invoices submitted by growers and aggregates the price information by season so farmers can compare prices with the rest of the market.

Yagro promises confidentiality, saying it uses prices to build an anonymous, aggregated view of the market, so users only see the range of prices paid, with no individual prices or details about participating farms.

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After an invoice for a particular product is submitted, the user will be able to access the market information for that product, including the range of prices other farmers are paying and alternative products with the same active ingredients and concentrations and their price ranges.

Reliable price information

“Agchem is one of the biggest variable spends on farm, yet there is very little reliable price information in the public domain,” said Gareth Davies, chief executive officer at Yagro.

A difference of up to 30% has been seen in the price range for one common fungicide, although volume was not necessarily the driver for the lowest price, said a spokesman for the company.

Yagro Price Check cost £16/month and launched with more than 10,000 verified prices. It is looking for more farms to sign up and contribute data.