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Keep up with the latest prices for agricultural production inputs, including red diesel and fuel, straw and bedding, livestock feed, crop fertiliser and agchems. See how global market pressures and trends are influencing prices for agriculture and what that means for your farm budget.

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How to find the best input deals with machinery rings

When Pembrokeshire arable growers Charles and Tom Rees need herbicides, fuel or seed, they don’t spend hours hunting for the best products and deals – the Pembrokeshire Machinery Ring (PMR)…

Lower cost of production only way to compete

The reduction of subsidies and abolition of milk quotas is throwing open the door to the global marketplace. If farmers want to become global traders they have to understand the…

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Ag inflation driven up by fuel, fertiliser and feed price hikes

Agricultural input costs rose by almost 8% in the past year, with huge hikes in fuel, fertiliser and animal feed prices the main drivers. The figures produced in AF Group’s…


High prices make for slow fertiliser movement

High prices are keeping growers from ordering fertiliser, and nitrogen sales in particular are behind where most traders would like them to be. Despite this there is continued upward pressure…


Straw prices fall as supply fears recede

A glut of straw on the market is causing prices to fall and bringing some relief to livestock farmers enduring high feed, forage and bedding costs. Prices this week stood…


Winter feed prices set for big price rise in tight market

Compound feed prices are expected to rise by between £25/t and £40/t for winter deliveries between November and April. This would put an 18% protein high-energy dairy ration in the…

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