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How to find the best input deals with machinery rings

When Pembrokeshire arable growers Charles and Tom Rees need herbicides, fuel or seed, they don’t spend hours hunting for the best products and deals – the Pembrokeshire Machinery Ring (PMR)…

Lower cost of production only way to compete

The reduction of subsidies and abolition of milk quotas is throwing open the door to the global marketplace. If farmers want to become global traders they have to understand the…

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How forward-buying feed can save farmers money

One dairy farmer has used precise feed planning to improve his business consistently over the past twenty years. Derrick Davies, who milks 300 cows near Reading, Berkshire, buys rape, soya…

How to benchmark your arable business

How do your cropping costs and technical performance compare with other businesses and are you spending too much on cultivations? These are valuable questions as farmers grapple with narrowing margins resulting…

Global competition hotting up in fertiliser markets

This month has seen little movement of fertiliser and apart from local price fluctuations, little change in pricing. Imported ammonium nitrate remains competitive, however. It is therefore useful to look…

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Poor harvest fears expected to drive feed prices higher

Farmers who need to buy in extra feed this winter to support light cuts of forage are likely to have to pay more for it as concerns mount for both…


Record straw prices set across the country

Livestock farmers are paying more than £200/acre for standing straw as demand for bedding has soared after last winter cleared barns of carryover stocks. Auctions kicked off in earnest this…


First standing straw auction of the year sees record prices

The first standing straw auction of the season in Devon has seen record prices despite crops being lighter than last year. Winter wheat averaged £95/acre across 289 acres while 102…


Ammonium nitrate market up £40/t on last year

The new season UK ammonium nitrate market kicked off a good £40/t higher than last year, with limited June and July tonnages being snapped up as soon as they were…

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