Aldi announces 2p/litre milk price increase

Aldi will increase the price it pays for milk by 2p/litre from 1 August.
From next month the supermarket will pay an additional 2p for every litre of milk purchased. This will be paid to farmers who are not aligned to any milk contract schemes.
According to research by Farmers Weekly, Aldi is supplied by Arla and Wiseman, who are currently paying farmers 27p/litre and 26.43p/litre respectively for a standard litre. These prices are scheduled to drop to 25p/litre and 24.73p/litre from 1 August.
“The recent milk price reductions and proposed cuts announced for August have been applied by processors without any influence from us,” said an Aldi spokesperson.
“As a discounter, it is our number one priority to provide consumers with market leading value. The discount model runs with narrower margins than the major supermarkets who must take the responsibility to lead the market.  We can never be in a position where we are uncompetitive, but strive to always be in a position where we are fair. 
“Farmers are facing increasing pressures, not just because of the reduction in the price they are paid for their milk, but also because of the extreme weather conditions.  This increase is a direct response to the situation facing farmers at this difficult time.
“Furthermore, we welcome the notion of any scheme that promotes fair pricing for dairy farmers and provides a level platform for all parties involved in the production, distribution and retail of fresh milk.”

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