Animal Health Bill: Proposals for inclusion

Proposals set out in the draft Animal Health Bill include:

• A new, independent body with responsibility for all animal health policy and delivery in England

• A statutory role for the UK chief veterinary officer, based at DEFRA

• The new body will be a non-departmental public body, funded by DEFRA and taking over DEFRA’s current funding for animal health

• Disease control policies will be strengthened and it will be possible to tailor payment schemes to support them

• Cost sharing measures will be taken forward through a future Finance Bill

• Animal health policy and delivery decisions will be the responsibility of an independent board of experts, with knowledge of animal health

• Key decisions during a disease outbreak will be made by the chair and chief executive of the new body, on the advice of the chief veterinary officer for England

• Decisions will be reached through open and transparent processes, on the basis of sound evidence

• Co-ordination of disease control across the UK and international representation will be overseen by a chief veterinary officer for the UK.

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