Arla Milk Link announces December price rise

Arla Milk Link dairy producers will receive a 1.33p/litre milk price increase from 3 December.

This will bring the standard litre price up to 28.83p/litre, a move that follows on from a 0.5p/litre rise in November. The increase will be applied as an adjustment to the Business Market Related element of the Arla Milk Link farmer milk price.

“At a time when we appreciate that all in dairying are under considerable financial pressure, Arla is committed to supporting its farmers,” said Arla Foods senior vice president for milk and member services, Neil Kennedy.

“This price increase has been possible due to the fact that the global industry markets continue to be positive and the company has been able to implement price increases in some of its markets.”

The move by Arla Foods follows an announcement last week by Muller Dairy and Robert Wiseman Dairies that producers will get a phased 1.5p/litre milk price increase to 30.5p/litre between 1 December and 1 February.

The standard milk price will increase by 0.5p/litre to 29.5p/litre from 1 December and a further 1p/litre increase to 30.5p/litre will be implemented on 1 February 2013.

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