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Ask the… Grain Market Expert

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ODA UK is an independent grain marketing consultancy for farmers.

ODA UK consultants are experts on all aspects of grain marketing and offer farmers market training, information and advice to help them lower their business risk and improve revenue.

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As tailored agronomy practices are helping to improve your farm yields, the possibility of declining single farm payments may mean you’re wondering how else you can maximise your grains profitability.

Understanding both the world and UK grain market can be of great benefit to your overall business strategy and growth. But where do you start?

Specialists Sébastien Mallet (CEO) and Gary Phillips (UK Country Manager) from ODA UK have been working in the grain market field for over 20 years and share in-depth, specialist knowledge of how it can work for you.

Whether you’re curious as to how UK markets compare globally, or how understanding the grain markets can save you time and grow your return, ODA experts guide you through your options in this webinar.

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