Battle for top judging honours

YOUNG FARMERS will be taking on Young Breeders in the AgriScot SuperTeam competition, which aims to promote a better understanding of the genetic information available to today‘s milk producers.

The competition, sponsored by Holstein UK and CIS, is widely recognised as the most beneficial, forward-looking and realistic challenge for young farmers and stock breeders in the UK.

It involves teams of three, whose members must all be under 25. They have to select the top six animals from two of the elite dairy classes at AgriScot before the official judging is completed.

After that, the teams must select the most suitable sire for three different situations from the wealth of information produced by MDC Evaluations and which is available to all dairy farmers.

Training for the event, which organisers strongly advise, is available to all teams on how best to research and understand the various type and production proofs.

Teams from Young Farmers have entered and they will be in competition with Ayrshire, Holstein and Jersey Young Breeders, who have all entered teams. Highest individual scores can win more than £100, with £300 on offer to the winning team.

Jack Lawson, the man who came up with the idea of the competition, said: “The UK falls behind many of our rivals in understanding and making the best use of all the readily available genetic information.

“The competition encourages a better understanding of genetic data which can save a lot of heartache and financial loss in the future.”

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