Breathe internet – latest information

Breathe Networks, the provider of internet access and and email accounts became insolvent on 16th July.

The business has been bought by a new company, Breathe Internet.

The new business’s managing director Steve Kaye told Farmers Weekly this afternoon that it would honour Breathe Networks’ customer obligations including the provision of existing email accounts, legacy address books, email history and internet access.

It had widely been believed that customers remaining with Breathe would lose their legacy address books and email history, but Breathe confirmed this was not the case.

However, the process of migrating this data onto the new platform which Breathe Internet adopted over the weekend of 18th/19th July was taking a few days to implement, Mr Kaye said.

Customers may experience some short-term impact on email availability and access to address books and email history but they should expect a fully functional service within the next couple of days.

In the meantime, customers unable to get through to customer support by telephone should go to and log their complaint which will assign a unique ticket number to their enquiry and go direct to customer support.

Mr Kaye also confirmed that customers on broadband can ask for the Migration Authority Code (MAC) to enable them to move their internet access to a new provider although this would not enable them to keep their email address. Breathe would ensure this legal obligation is fulfilled, he confirmed.

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