British pork makes comeback

BRITISH PORK is making a comeback on supermarket shelves, according to the latest PorkWatch survey of 400 stores across England and Wales.

The return to British pork is being led by Tesco, which increased the amount of ‘British Quality Standard‘ pork on its shelves in November by 16%.

The retailer now leads the field by a clear margin with nearly 90% of all its fresh pork guaranteed British.

Tesco has been singled out as PorkWatch‘s ‘Best Performer‘ and ‘Most Improved Performer‘.

The Co-op (79% British pork) and Sainsbury‘s (80%) have also received praise from the industry.

In recent months British pig producers have been concerned about the increasing amount of cheap imported pork being sold in supermarkets for human consumption.

“I hope the November-December PorkWatch results indicate the start of a return to higher standards by retailers,” said PorkWatch chairman Richard Lister.

“British producers have higher welfare standards than nearly all other pork-producing countries, and this is valued by over 90% of consumers.”