Bull-bars Banned

From 25th May, fitting bull-bars to vehicles such as 4x4s is to become illegal.

In a move to improve pedestrian and cyclists’ safety on the road, EU law dictates the sale and manufacture of protective metal frames is to stop.

Farmers – for whom the idea was originally developed – must now find alternative means of shielding the front of their vehicles from marauding cattle and rogue tree branches. 

Flexible, energy-absorbent frontal protection systems (FPS) – such as Concept Mouldings Endura – which can be proved to reduce the injury potential of vehicles involved in collisions will continue to remain legal, as will dedicated light shields weighing less than 50g (1.8oz).

Existing bull-bars currently fitted to vehicles are not covered by this ruling, which only applies to the sale and fitting of new protective metal frames.