Deer farmer killed by stag

A NORTH YORKS deer farmer has been killed by one of his own stags.

Clifford Colling is thought to have been attacked on Monday (18 Oct), after the 73-year old entered his deer enclosure during the rutting season.

The stag, which was kept at Mr Colling‘s Moor Farm, Hunmanby Gap, near Filey, was later shot dead by a police marksman.

Hugh Rose, technical adviser for the British Deer Society, told the Daily Express that during the rutting season stags‘ testosterone levels went through the roof.

“They become very frustrated and aggressive and take it out on trees and bushes, anything that‘s in their way,” he said.

“For the rest of the year; stags are big gormless lumps you can stroke on the head and feed carrots to.

“Farmers perhaps forget their docile friends can turn on them. They are extremely unreliable and dangerous animals.”

The Times claims the death is Britian‘s first recorded case of a stag killing a human for more than 100 years.