Farmer dies after falling through roof

A farmer has died after falling through a fragile roof while working at height in Nottinghamshire.

The Health and Safety Executive said the incident, which happened on 30 September, was being treated as work-related, but would be subject to further assessment.

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The farmer has not been named.

Details of the incident were based on initial notification and did not fully reflect the detailed circumstances of what happened, it said.

Falling from height is one of the biggest causes of workplace death and life changing injury, said the HSE.


Work on a roof requires the right equipment and training, it added.

Farmers and farmworkers should avoid “doing it yourself” and instead use a professional contractor with the knowledge, skills, equipment and experience to work safely.

When planning roof work, the HSE said farmers should consult a specialist and make sure the right things are in place before work starts.

Tower scaffold

Normally this would mean scaffold edge protection, a good access ladder or tower scaffold and covering or protecting all fragile materials.

The HSE said in some cases it may be possible to work from underneath the roof surface using a suitable work platform, such as a tower scaffold.

Farmers should also consider using a mobile elevating work platform.