Trailer app aims to save lives on farms

A new app aims to save lives by reducing the number of accidents involving farm trailers.

Launched at this week’s Lamma event, the free Head to Tow app works with some of the UK’s leading trailer manufacturers.

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The app makes it easier for farmers and trailer operators to conduct daily, monthly and seasonal safety checks.

Trailer manufacturers that have signed up to join the initiative include Bailey, Harry West, Larrington, Richard Weston and Stewart.

It was developed by Jane Gurney, who runs the Tilly Pass trailer safety campaign.

Operators can select their trailer and then carry out the relevant safety checks, says Ms Gurney, whose teenage son Harry was killed in a trailer accident in 2014.

“We are delighted to launch this app,” said Ms Gurney. “By law, every employer must make sure that work equipment is maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair.”

Inspections can range from drivers carrying out start-up safety checks before using the vehicle to regular preventative maintenance inspections carried out based on time or milage.

The app enables operators to quickly and more accurately identify and rectify any problems, said Ms Gurney.

“With the help of the Head to Tow app, you will be able to select your trailer and access these safety checks directly via the manufacturer’s link.”

For more details about the Head to Tow app, please visit