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A motivated, well-trained team can be the key to running a successful agricultural business, but people management can be a challenge. Get expert advice on how to recruit and retain the best farm staff, plus tips on staying on the right side of the law when it comes to employment issues.

Case studies

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How a post-Brexit staff shortage could affect horticulture

When award-winning vegetable grower Joe Rolfe needs his brassicas weeding, an army of people descend by the busload on the farm. Horticulture is notoriously labour intensive – and even more…


New Zealander helps Oxford farm cope with shearing season

Shearing is a specialist skill, and one that takes many years and thousands, if not millions, of sheep to master. For Oxfordshire shearer Stuart Connor, being able to hire a…

Practical advice

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Holiday entitlement: Guide to the law for farm employers

The Trades Union Congress recently published figures suggesting that many agricultural workers are not getting their full annual holiday entitlement. Farmers Weekly asked Natalie Ward of law firm Thrings to…


How experience outside farming improves your ag career

Gaining experience in a non-agricultural profession often gives returning farmers a new outlook and makes them more innovative and open to new ideas. That’s according to Claire Wright, rural surveyor…


5 tips for improving staff retention on your pig unit

The UK pig industry is making good progress with improving staff retention rates but attractive salaries alone won’t necessarily help businesses hold onto their best employees. Incentives including additional paid…


Why farmers need contracts for family workers

Failing to create official contracts for family members that detail the terms and conditions of employment could lead to legal problems, succession planning issues, and even the break-up of families,…


Business Clinic: How can I recruit good farm staff?

Whether you have a legal, tax, insurance, management or land issue, Farmers Weekly’s Business Clinic experts can help. Here, William Baillie of Savills advises on recruiting an assistant farm manager.…


10-point plan for attracting the best farmworkers

A deepening shortage of seasonal labour on many farms makes it more important than ever for growers and livestock producers to be the employer of choice – and know how…


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Shocking extent of modern slavery in agriculture revealed

The shocking extent of labour exploitation and modern-day slavery in agriculture has been laid bare in a new report by the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA). Drawing on its…


What the EU agreement on citizens’ rights means for farmworker...

Last week the government announced to great fanfare that it and the EU had come to an agreement about citizens’ rights post Brexit. This will have a big impact on…


Analysis: Access to farm labour if the UK left the EU

Migrant labour plays a key role in agriculture – but could farmers, especially in the horticulture sector, access enough labour if the UK voted to leave the EU? Under the…


Analysis: How the new wages rise will hit horticulture hard

The UK’s horticulture sector wakes up today, Friday 1 April, to what some predict will be the biggest upheaval in a generation – the introduction of the national living wage…