Scotland farm wage rates set to rise by 2.2%

NFU Scotland has reminded farmers that annual wage rate increases of 2.2% for all farmworkers will come into effect on 1April 2021.

The Scottish Agricultural Wages Board has set the minimum hourly rate for all agricultural workers, irrespective of age and duties, at £8.91, the union said.

This is an increase of 19p/hour compared with 2020 and brings wages in line with the UK national living wage rate.

Workers with a Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) level four or five or equivalent will earn a minimum hourly rate of £5.58 – up 12p on last year.

The rate applies to apprentices under the age of 19 or above that age and in their first year of the apprenticeship.

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Workers with a qualification equivalent to SCQF 6/7, such as a higher national certificate, are entitled to be paid an additional sum of at least £1.32/hour from 1 April.

Overtime rates for all workers will be £13.37/hour – an increase of 29p/hour on the 2020 figure.

Dog allowances will also see the 2.2% increase applied, taking the payment up 14p a week to £6.57/week. The rate applies to each dog, up to a maximum of four animals. 

NFU Scotland chief executive Scott Walker said working in farming had never been more rewarding.

“The entry-level wage is equal to the national living wage set by the UK government, and there are opportunities for skilled and experienced workers to earn an excellent salary,” he said.

Wages rates in Scotland April 2021

  • Minimum for agricultural workers £8.91/hour
  • SCQF level 4/5 £5.58/hour
  • SCQF level 6/7 +£1.32/hour on minimum rate
  • Overtime £13.37/hour
  • Dog allowance £6.57/week/head up to four animals

Further information

Wage rates and benefits are set out on the Scottish government website in PDF format.