Wales consults on 1.8% pay increase for farmworkers

 A public consultation has been launched on proposals to increase wages for farmworkers in Wales by 1.8% from April 2020.

The Agricultural Advisory Panel for Wales has issued its proposed changes to the terms and conditions for agricultural workers, to be included in the Agricultural Wages Order 2020.

The panel has proposed that the minimum rates of pay for agricultural workers increases by 1.8% across all pay bands, taking the rate for Grade 2 workers to £8.60/hr and the rate for Grade 4 (craftsman equivalent) to £9.53/hr.

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The panel said it had come to these figures “taking into consideration the current uncertainties surrounding the agricultural industry and the need to make sure farmworkers are paid at a fair rate”.

The National Living Wage, for workers over 25 years of age, is currently £8.21/hr, with forecasts that it could rise to £8.67/hr from 2020.

The consultation also includes some minor clarifications on workers’ eligibility for sick and holiday pay.

The closing date for responses to the consultation is 16 October.


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