CA set sights on company status

THE COUNTRYSIDE ALLIANCE is pressing ahead with moves to change its corporate status so it becomes a ‘company limited by guarantee‘.

Currently the Alliance has the corporate and legal status of an ‘unincorporated association‘  – but it is transferring to company status so it can own assets directly.

It will also enhance its legal status and give it far greater power to undertake legal action such as lawsuits.

“We must be fully geared up to meet any further political attacks on our members and supporters, and changing to incorporated status is vital to our preparations,” said chief executive Simon Hart.

“Government, politicians, and our campaigning opponents should be left in no doubt of our resolve to fight with every weapon available to us any threats to the civil liberties or livelihoods of country people.”
Mr Hart said he would be writing to all members to inform them of the development and the reasons for it.

His letter would explain that in order to be able to incorporate, the alliance first needed to strengthen its balance sheet, he said.

Members would therefore be asked for a voluntary contribution of £15 for an individual ordinary member, £9 for a senior member or £22.50 for joint members.

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