Cereals Industry Forum launches new interactive tool

A new interactive tool, the Cereals Industry Resource Centre, has been launched by the Cereals Industry Forum, co-founded by the Home Grown Cereals Authority and the Food Chain Centre.

The CD-Rom contains a number of documents and presentations, as well as links to websites, designed to answer questions in every sector of the cereals industry. Aimed mainly at farmers, virtually everybody involved with cereals would find it useful, CIF said. 

“The CD-Rom is like an encyclopedia for the cereals industry, and people will find it very useful in bringing together resources and information which might normally be difficult to find”, said Chris Barnes, CIF Project Manager, ”We have been out to interview maltsters, millers, farmers and a variety of experts, and these video clips help to bring some of the subject areas to life.”

The resource centre covers 45 questions or issues that commonly arise in the cereals industry split into nine sections: Variety Issues; targeting the market; sampling and testing; working with your partners; food safety; marketing and contracts; harvest, storage and drying; collection and delivery; and miscellaneous

The CD-Rom will be updated with case studies and other information from CIF throughout the year, including ongoing Value Chain Analyses, PROBEs and Masterclasses currently being undertaken.

“These initiatives have helped demonstrate ways in which all companies along the grain chain can achieve a reduction in operating costs and improve efficiencies,” Mr Barnes said.

Copies can be obtained by visiting the CIF website  or by ringing 0207 520 3942.

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