Check driving licence categories to stay legal

Farmers have been urged to check that their driving licences and those of their employees cover them for towing a trailer.

Failure to do so could cost dearly in terms of business downtime and potential fines for both parties, agricultural insurance broker, FarmWeb, has warned.

“Farmers and business owners need to be aware that if they renew a driving licence for any reason [such as a change of address, adding points, or getting married], the new documents should be checked to ensure that all the relevant categories and details are included,” FarmWeb’s Elaine Simons said.

“This is also important where employees drive on behalf of their company, as both the employer and member of staff can be prosecuted.”

Click here for a guide on how to stay legal with your car and trailer.

Licence categories: What’s what?

B Motor vehicle with maximum authorised mass (MAM) of no more than 3500kg and with no more than 8 passenger seats, or a combination of trailer and vehicle which does not exceed 3500kg (min age:17)

B1 Motor tricycles, quads with unladen weight no more than 550kg (min age: 17)

C+E Combination of vehicle and trailer over 750kg and up to 7500kg (min age: 17)

C1 Medium-sized vehicles between 3500kg and 7500kg with a trailer (min age: 18)

C1 + E Medium-sized vehicle with a trailer with combined weight of no more than 12000kg (min age: 21)

C Vehicles over 3500kg (min age: 21)

C + E Vehicles over 3500kg with a trailer over 750kg (min age: 21)

D Bus with more than 8 passengers and trailer up to 750kg (min age: 21)

F Agricultural tractors (min age: 17 or 16 for tractors less than 2.45m wide)

H Tracked vehicles (min age: 21 or 17 if the mass does not exceed 3500kg or the driver is a member of the armed forces)

Note: This list is not exhaustive. See for full details


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