Church calls for help to farmers

The Archbishop of York has called on Church leaders to bring much-needed help to flood-hit farmers.

John Sentamu asked the General Synod in York to make a donation to the ARC-Addington Fund. The fund, which was originally set up during the foot-and-mouth crisis, has already received a donation from the Prince of Wales.

Dr Sentamu said the floods had caused significant misery for many farmers. “There are already examples of 600 sheep drowned in one farm in south east Staffordshire, 350 on another in Tamworth,” he said.

Rural insurer NFU Mutual is dealing with hundreds of claims resulting from the floods. Worst affected areas include Yorkshire, Devon, parts of South Wales, Gloucestershire, the north Midlands and Lincolnshire.

Established by the Arthur Rank Centre, the ARC-Addington fund is part of the Farming Help Partnership.

The fund will provide a pastoral support and hardship payments to farmers – including those who are unable to cover feed costs and growers who have lost income.

To make a donation to the fund, call 024 7669 0587. For assistance, call 07002 326 326.