College Calendar: Steve Mears gets ready for exams

The end of term is rapidly approaching and, with Christmas not too far away, a festive feel has spread around campus. Halls of residence have been decorated with tinsel, lights and even the odd Christmas tree.

Before I can head back home to Somerset, however, there are the end-of-first-term exams, which all first year students have. I have two to revise for, crop production and bio-sciences.

Revising has been particularly difficult, mainly due to the distraction of Facebook. Strangely, tagging photos of antics in the student union bar, as well as catching up on gossip, has been more appealing than revising the function of the gastric stomach.

The first year agricultural course reps organised a fantastic course social recently. The James Bond/Casino-themed evening was in aid of Help for Heroes.

The social saw Agrics in black tie and evening dresses. With poker chips and gin and tonics in hand, students played poker and blackjack throughout the evening.

I started badly by losing several games of blackjack. Fortunately by the end of the evening I managed to regain the poker chips I initially lost along with a few more. An enjoyable evening was had by all and a lot of money was raised for a worthy cause.

Agricultural machinery lectures remain very interesting, particularly in the tutorial session, where under close supervision we are “let loose” on and around machinery. Recent topics covered include sprayers, cultivation equipment and materials handlers. The latter covered some very serious points, seeing how easily a telehandler will tip up is a scary reminder of how dangerous this kit can be.

BBC Radio 1’s Chappers and Dave performed their last ever gig together at Harper in November and tickets for the event sold out within days. The gig was so popular that an additional marquee was put up alongside the bar to cater for the guests.

I have recently joined the Harper Field Sports Society. This was started up again this year, having been disbanded for several years and is made up of students who all have an interest in such pursuits as shooting, fishing, hunting and falconry. The society has already been offered some exciting opportunities to pursue field sports and I am looking forward to getting involved.

After a hectic yet enjoyable first term, I am looking forward to spending time at home with family and friends. However, prior to that, there are those exams. Now where did I put those lecture notes?