New app to streamline pesticide recording and assurance compliance

A new pesticide storage app hopes to cut down on paperwork and streamline on-farm chemical storage tracking with an easy-to-use tool that makes assurance compliance a whole lot simpler.

The Agrillo app, designed by North Yorkshire farmer and consultant Dr Sam Hoste, enables users to keep records of plant protection products in an easy-to-use inventory.

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Users can easily type in the product map number and record its quantity, while checking withdrawal dates and receiving notifications specific to in-store products.

“You can record everything on your mobile phone while in the chemical store, rather than in thr farm office, completing tasks in a quarter of the time of traditional product recording methods,” said Sam.

All of the key information, including product name, active ingredient and quantity in-store, can be printed out on a summary page for Red Tractor audits and other farm assurance schemes.

This data can also be shared with agronomists and spray operators, where multiple chemical stores can be set up for each farm.

“The app also provides real-time updates from the UK’s Health and Safety Executive, keeping you informed of changes for more than 3,000 pesticides,” explained Sam.

For both farmers and agronomists, Agrillo is an indispensable tool, centralising oversight across multiple farms, with more clarity and less admin, he adds.

The app is currently freely available and ready to download from the App Store and Google Play store.

Benefits of the Agrillo app

  • Set up an inventory of plant protection products
  • Plan effectively with accurate expiry dates
  • Share with agronomist, spray operator or print out for Red Tractor Assurance
  • Receive notifications and alerts specific to your in-store products
  • Stay updated on critical product changes and withdrawals
  • Complete tasks in a quarter of the time of traditional methods

Gathering feedback

Agrillo is currently gathering feedback from farmers and agronomists to drive further improvements to its mobile app.

To have your say, contact Sam Hoste on 07981 961 062 or e-mail

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