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Could your land have development potential?

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Strategic land promotion: Maximising land value for farmers and landowners.

Catesby Estates works in partnership with farmers and landowners to promote land through the planning system for new homes. We are highly regarded as one of the foremost experts in strategic land promotion and infrastructure delivery in the UK.

At no cost to you we use our in-house expertise and financial resources to fund the land promotion. We obtain planning consent and then market the land to housebuilders or developers securing the highest possible financial return for you.  

It is never too early to start thinking about whether your land has development potential, and putting together a land promotion strategy for your land.

As housing demand increases, so do the opportunities for landowners to offer up land (including green belt sites) for potential residential development.

This means your land could be more valuable than you expect!

Your land is an important asset, whether you have surplus farmland, a country estate, large garden, grazing land and paddocks or defunct rural business land.

Land is the key ingredient in the building of new homes, and one of the most common questions is, how much is our land worth?

Answering that question isn’t as simple as it might seem. The development potential of any land is affected by the planning system, supply and demand, comparable sites and site specific calculations.

Two key questions to consider, when considering the development potential of your land:

Is the site sustainable?

Land located adjacent to existing development and within walking distance to schools, shops and other services is a big plus.

Is the site technically deliverable?

Drainage, gradient and access also have a strong influence on its suitability for housing.

As innovators within in the land promotion sector, Catesby Estates were one of the first to recognise the importance and added value, in-house technical expertise can deliver to both landowners and housebuilders.

We nurtured and developed our own in-house technical team, making our skill set unique amongst land promoters.

Our technical team have a strong track record having worked for major housebuilders, and through their knowledge they are able to bring forward sites with comprehensive technical background work completed, and offer value engineered solutions to any site constraints.

This means there is less upfront risk for a housebuilder, that comes with a land site that has not been fully considered from a technical and deliverability perspective.

This in turn increases the speed of housing delivery, with housebuilders able get onsite and start construction quicker.

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The benefits of using a land promoter

The uplift in land value can be significant, however obtaining planning permission for a site can be extremely expensive and time consuming with no guarantee of success.

At no cost to the landowner Catesby Estates uses its in-house expertise and financial resources to fund the land promotion of your land through the planning process.

Once planning permission has been achieved the land site is then sold for the highest possible return, therefore maximising the value of the land.

We work in partnership with the landowner during the whole process, and as your appointed strategic land promoter our return is based on a pre-agreed split of the sale proceeds.

Therefore, as your appointed land promoter our interests are aligned with yours to ensure the maximum value for your land is obtained, and we only get paid once the site has been sold.

As one of the biggest names in the land promotion sector, Catesby Estates are well known by housebuilders for our ability to deliver technically sound and well considered residential land sites.

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Residential Promotion Agreements, what makes them so attractive for landowners?

Promotion Agreements are a partnership between a landowner and a land promoter. A land promoter takes on the risk of obtaining planning permission, on behalf of the landowner and then markets the site to housebuilders securing the highest possible financial return.

During the process the promoter works closely with councils, local residents and community groups, to deliver much needed high quality new homes sites as well as additional benefits for the local community.

Option Agreements are historically the housebuilders preferred way to secure control of strategic land for the future. Under an option structure, there can be a clear conflict of interest between the landowner and housebuilder.

However, under a promotion agreement a landowner and land promoter’s interests are aligned, with both parties wanting to maximise land value and the promoter is not being distracted by the development of houses.

Once planning permission has been achieved the site is then sold for the highest possible return through a competitive tender process, therefore maximising the value of the land.

Land for housing development is in high demand.

Find out today if your land has residential development potential and what it could be worth: / 01926 836910 /