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Farmers looking to erect a new shed, convert a redundant barn or sell land for development will find themselves navigating the planning system. Read practical advice on topics such as permitted development rights, how to approach a planning application and your rights if you have been affected by a compulsory purchase order.

Practical advice

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What you need to check before modifying old farm buildings

Landowners who have a listed farmhouse on their property should consider seeking professional advice before modifying nearby old farm buildings, to avoid breaking the law. Farm buildings that pre-date July…


Top 8 farm tenancy issues and how to solve them

Many issues are likely to arise during the lifetime of an agricultural tenancy, but all can be solved with good landlord-tenant communication, informed consent and careful consideration, writes Philip Meade, Davis…


Business Clinic: Can we collect holiday bungalow rent arrears?

Whether you have a legal, tax, insurance, management or land issue, Farmers Weekly’s Business Clinic experts can help. Here, Duncan Sigournay of Thrings advises on a property rent arrears question.…


Changing land use – what farmers need to know

Farmers must follow legal procedures before changing the use of any land classified as uncultivated or semi-natural. The Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) regulations protect uncultivated or semi-natural land from changes in…


Abandoned property – don’t lose value and use rights

When is a house no longer a house? The answer is, when it has been abandoned. With a lack of rural housing and stringent planning constraints, farmers and landowners need…


Landowners face risk of more compulsory purchase powers

A government committee is reviewing how local and national governments extract some of the uplift in the value of land after homes or nearby infrastructure improvements are given planning permission.…


5 tips to speed up planning applications

About 60% of the planning applications received by the planning office at Test Valley Borough Council are invalid, says Paul Jackman, head of planning and building at the council. This…


Conversion or rebuild - what is permitted development?

In April 2014 it became permitted development in parts of England to change the use of an agricultural building, and any land immediately surrounding it, to residential. This is known…


The lowdown on permitted development rights

Jill Scrivener and Barry Davies, of the British Institute of Agricultural Consultants’ rural planning sector, highlight aspects of permitted development rights (PDRs) that farmers may encounter. Class R A much-forgotten…


Business Clinic: How can I change holiday cottage planning?

Whether you have a legal, tax, insurance, management or land issue, Farmers Weekly’s Business Clinic experts can help. Here, Fred Quartermain of law firm Thrings advises on changing holiday homes…


Business clinic: Can I lift agricultural tie on my house?

Whether you have a legal, tax, insurance, management or land issue, Farmers Weekly’s Business Clinic experts can help. In this article, Alex Madden, a partner at Thrings, offers advice on the…


Compulsory purchase – what are my rights as a farm tenant?

As well as freehold property, compulsory purchase orders (CPOs) allow an authorised body to acquire agricultural tenancies. Knowing what you, as a tenant, are entitled to as well as your…


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New policy could make it easier to build rural housing

More than one in four CLA members want to build affordable housing. A new way to develop more homes of this type in the countryside is being proposed by the…


Housebuilding boom - what does it mean for farmers?

Farmers risk losing potential land value to the government-backed boom in construction projects unless they take a more active role in the development process, planning experts have warned. Both the…


What farmers need to know about the new telecoms code

A new code covering mobile phone and broadband infrastructure is to come into force later this year – affecting all landowners with telecoms equipment on their land. So what are…


Why the CIL planning tax is costing farmers thousands

Farmers putting up agricultural buildings and houses are falling foul of a planning tax that is leaving some facing bills as high as £26,000. Half of all councils in England and…