Countryside comes to town in Hereford

The countryside came to town last Saturday (19 April) when the Hereford branch of the West Midlands Rural Hub staged a series of events in Hereford town centre as part of the Year of Food and Farming.

The whole idea was to explain to local children where their food comes from and the broader role farmers and rural craftsmen play in making the countryside a vibrant and exciting place to be.

“There are many misconceptions about farming that we want to correct,” said chair of the Herefordshire YOFF committee Christine Hope. “It is also important people understand issues like food miles and the depletion of oil reserves.

“Buying local food could be crucial in the long run as shipping food from across the world becomes more and more expensive.”

Activities on the day included corn grinding and bread making, as well as quizzes and trails around the city centre, taking in shops selling local food. Children also got the chance to handle live lambs and to do their own candle making with bees’ wax.

The NFU’s Road Show was on-hand with Johnny Ball handing out free goody bags. And the Herefordshire Young Farmers Club stand was a popular destination for egg whisking and potato peeling competitions.

A range of stalls selling local produce also gave the public a chance to sample and buy food and drink from the county. In total, over 300 children took part on the day.

hereford YOFF 1

Christine Hope and Jonathan May welcome kids to the event.

hereford YOFF 2

What a grind! Kids got to grips with making flour….

hereford YOFF 3

…from which they made their own bread.

hereford YOFF 4

NFU immediate past-county chairman Julie Evans (left) and Mary Johnson  were keen to share their knowledge

hereford YOFF 5

Whisking egg whites can be a dangerous game

hereford YOFF 6

Joe Mayers of the Wye Wood Project demonstrates the skill of hurdle-making

hereford YOFF 7

Blooming marvellous! Herefordshire Farmers’ Markets Group chairman David Griffiths shows his wares

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