Webinar: Solar farm leases: What you need to know

Have you considered turning some of your land into a solar farm but didn’t have the time to look into it? Or maybe it all sounds too complex?

Depending on the suitability of your land, a leased solar farm could provide a stable alternative income source and developers are looking for sites.

In this live Q&A webinar session we cover the following topics:

  • What makes an ideal site?
  • How much do developers pay?
  • What are the tax implications for you and your business?
  • What are the steps in the solar development process?
  • Who is responsible for maintenance?
  • Can the site be grazed?
  • What happens at the end of the agreement?

Hosted by Suzie Horne, business editor, Farmers Weekly, our experts are:

  • Paul Hewett, CEO, Belltown Power UK
  • James Morton, senior associate, Sworders
  • Guy Parker, director, Wychwood Biodiversity
  • Ralph Rayner, managing director, The Ashcombe Estate
  • Peter Harker, partner,  Saffery Champness

Our partner

Belltown Power logo

Belltown Power recognise the massive changes facing farmers across the UK. Harnessing the power of the sun offers a dependable long-term source of revenue that will provide stability through this period of uncertainty. We are an established UK based clean energy company at the leading edge of renewables project development in the UK and USA.

Founded in 2013 by a team of highly experienced renewable energy professionals, we have successfully delivered 22 projects totalling over 200MW of now operating wind, solar, and hydropower capacity across England, Wales and Scotland. With 1GW+ of unsubsidised UK wind and solar projects under development, each with a comprehensive and tailored Ecological Management Plan to protect and enhance local biodiversity and ecology.

Belltown ensure all developments follow our company values and engages in transparent, open and tailored consultations with farmers, landowners and local communities. Communities, education and the environment are at the heart of everything we do.

Want to know more? Contact Cherry Hall:
Tel: 07984 318051
Email: chall@belltownpower.com
Website: belltownpower.com