End of Deadweight Average Pig Price confirmed

The final Deadweight Average Pig Price (Dapp) will be published on 1 October, covering the week ending 27 September 2014, Bpex has confirmed.

This follows the introduction of two new pig price series – the Average Pig Price (APP), which began in April and the Standard Pig Price (SPP), first published in July.

These will replace the Dapp, which collects prices paid by abattoirs the previous week to provide an average price, which is used by many processors to determine future prices on contracts.

Bpex decided to replace Dapp after pig processors Cranswick Country Foods and Karro Food Group pulled out of contributing data in January , leaving about 40-47% of the GB weekly kill included in the Dapp.

To calculate the APP, data is collected from sellers rather than buyers and covers both standard and premium pigs.

The SPP is a voluntary survey of pig abattoirs’ price data but, unlike the Dapp, only includes standard pigs – those that don’t attract a premium for a specific attribute such as breed, feeding regime or a production system such as Freedom Foods.

“The SPP and the APP provide two valuable pig price data series which are important to keep the industry fully informed about historical pig market price trends,” said AHDB head of data and analysis, Charlotte Garbutt.

“Now the APP and SPP are established, there is a transition period in which the Dapp will continue to be published alongside them until the end of September.”

Data for the Dapp, APP and SPP are available on the Bpex website

Bpex announced in March the that new price reporting from pig sellers would replace Dapp

 Dapp, APP, SPP compared   
  Week ending Average pig price (p/kg) Average price change (p)  Number of pigs in sample 
Dapp (UK)  19 July 2014  158.76 -0.94 61,002
APP  5 July 2014    164.6 -0.46 74,963 
SPP   19 July 2014   161.48  -1.07