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News and analysis on beef, lamb and pig market prices. Check deadweight prices and auction markets average prices for prime cattle, cull cows and prime sheep. See where export and retail opportunities exist, stay informed on consumer trends and find out which supermarkets are backing British meat.

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What are the prospects for the UK meat industry post-Brexit?

Brexit offers opportunities to exploit the potential of British red meat production. But overcoming trade barriers, investing in processing capacity and meeting market requirements will take time and a change…

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AHDB examines effects of drought across all farm sectors

The AHDB has released an update to its drought impact report, examining the effects of the prolonged dry weather this summer on each farm sector. The levy board added that…


Analysis: Why is the red meat sector consolidating?

With the closure of the 2 Sisters deal, 60% of cattle slaughtered in the UK and Ireland will be handled by just three companies – ABP, Dawn Meats and Kepak.…


What sheep farmers need to know about domestic demand

The UK sheep sector must find ways to improve domestic demand for lamb to thrive in an uncertain future, according to a panel at the National Sheep Association’s Sheep Event.…


Growing beef market threat from Argentina

Increased beef production in Argentina, thanks to a changed political environment, means it could be set to take a larger slice of a new trade deal between the EU and…

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Liveweight lamb prices increase for two weeks on the spin

Liveweight lamb prices increased for the second consecutive week for the seven days ending 7 November. The GB liveweight NSL SQQ increased by 2.46p to 169.57p/kg, building on a 2.9p…


Eustice fails to give guarantees about chlorinated chicken

Defra farm minister George Eustice has said it would be wrong to open UK markets up to foreign food imports produced to lower standards after Brexit – but he can’t…


Farmers reject demands for a 14% tax on red meat

Industry leaders must do more to counter calls for a new tax on red meat and processed meat, say livestock producers. Such a tax would save 6,000 UK lives every year,…


Abattoir staff shortages threaten Christmas sales

Soaring staff shortages have left about 10,000 posts unfilled at major slaughterhouses, meaning they will “seriously struggle” to fulfil supermarket orders during the Christmas period, an industry leader has warned.…

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Video: Cow and sheep help get prices crisis message to Londoners

A cow and two sheep have been walked through central London to show consumers where their food comes from, and to highlight low prices facing farmers. Scott Ruck, manager of…

Video: Farmers ramp up milk and lamb protests

Farmers in Devon and Cornwall have become the latest to take part in the "milk trolley challenge", which involves clearing milk from the shelves of supermarkets in order to raise…

Welsh lamb ad campaign kicks off early after price collapse

The Welsh red meat levy board will kick off its annual lamb promotion campaign early after this season’s farmgate price collapse. Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales has pulled…

Video reveals 'shocking truth' about imported pork

MPs were last night shown footage which questions the systems used to produce cheap pork imports. In a eye-opening video constructed by animal welfare campaigner Tracy Worcester, MPs, farm leaders…

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