EU pigmeat buttresses UK values

IMPROVING EU pigmeat values have helped to stabilise the UK market at a time of year when prices normally fall. 

“Stand on” appeared to be the order of the day, although further drops in the value of the Euro which opened on Mon 20 June at 66.9 may give imports a competitive edge.

The gap between spot and contract prices flags up the scarcity of spare pigs in the system.

Most abattoirs were prepared to quote in the 110 – 115pkg range for spot bacon with cutters worth 4-6p/kg more than this.

Contract prices tied to the DAPP at 106.05p are virtually unchanged.

The sow market continues to improve with export abattoirs bidding in the 72–74p/kg region according to load size and availability.

Weaner values have also remained consistent at a time of year when they normally start to ease.

The Meat and Livestock Commission 30kg ex farm average held firm at £35.70/head.