‘Exceptional’ cull ewe entry at Welshpool market

Welshpool livestock market’s primestock sale on Monday (6 July) had an “exceptionally large” entry of cull sheep and another decent entry of spring lambs.

The 4229 lambs averaged 145p/kg, which was 5p/kg down on last week and 50p/kg below a month ago. Prices topped 165p/kg for medium-weight lambs from EA Marston, New House. Light lambs averaged 143p/kg, while heavies averaged 139.7p/kg.

Of the 3316 cull sheep, the ewes averaged £38.32 a head – £2 above last week – and the rams averaged £49 a head, almost £6 up. Prices topped £90 a head for ewes while the top price cull ram fetched £84 a head.

Of the 46 over-30-month cattle sold on Monday, the cows averaged almost 96p/kg, while bulls did 110p/kg and steers 137p/kg.