Famers Focus- Arable Producer-Peter Hogg

FArmers Focus- Arable Producer-Peter Hogg

While on holiday in the Canaries (yes again), I had plenty of time to make some observations. Watching Sky News, it does appear that over half the Americans really are stupid.

And why has Tony B-liar still got that glazed smile despite 100,000 dead civilians in Iraq. Perhaps he and Heof Goon should be in front of a war crimes court?

Eating out made me realise how poor English meat is. Why can I not buy steak in England which is 2in thick of pure meat, that a knife will cut through like butter, and just melts in the mouth?

And when will British bacon stop being injected with water so it ends up looking like post-digested sludge in the frying pan?

What a contrast there is between the locals smartly dressed in clothes that actually fit and British women in their stupid tank-tops and ridiculous hipsters. As for the British men in their baggy jeans and T-shirts five sizes too big, singing and swearing in the bars, don”t get me started.

Something else was very noticeable. Every last bit of land that can grow something is being used to grow crops.

Acres of valley bottoms are covered in “nets” supported about 8ft high. Under these nets every conceivable crop is grown. No-one minds, jobs are created, food is produced, the economy is boosted.

 Compare that with England where some of the commuting public are concerned at the number of polytunnels spoiling the landscape. Are they so spoilt and cosseted they have nothing else to complain about?

It”s another example of how low down the list of priorities food production has become in some people”s minds.

If they didn’t live in housing estates tacked onto the side of rural villages and drive up and down to out-of-town facilities along newly-created dual carriageways we might all have a much improved landscape.