Farmers and consumers tweet ‘SOS milk’

Farmers, consumers and even MPs are tweeting their anger at the milk price cuts and voicing support for the dairy industry.

#SOSmilk has become the tweet hastag of choice for those who want to speak out on the crisis, as this live ‘tweet cloud’ shows.

Below are just some of the comments from tweeters – you can click on the words on the cloud to read all the latest coments on #SOS milk.

Seems all the dairy farmers in the area are heading to London on Wednesday- very strong feeling that enough is enough

left my ‪#dairycrest‬ milkman a note cancelling my deliveries forever as they are cutting price per litre paid to farmers

Pls buy from farmer instead! RT @chocogirl64 left ‪#dairycrest‬ milkman note cancelling deliveries as they cut £ paid to farmers

Well done to all MPs urging Jim Paice to act now on farmgate prices in Defra Q’s today

You can tweet your views on the milk crisis at #SOS milk or #farmersweekly

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