Farmlife’s Christmas family quiz

Sick of having the same old arguments with the family at Christmas? Give yourselves something new to debate over the Quality Street – the Farmlife family quiz. Make a note of your answers and check them against the answers at the bottom. No peeking beforehand

1) What are DEFRA secretary Hilary Benn’s middle names?

A James Wedgewood

B John Denby

C Joshua Doulton


2) How many maids were milking in the song the 12 days of Christmas?

A 6

B 7

C 8

3) Which famous author is president of the Campaign to Protect Rural England?

A Bill Bryson

B Frederick Forsyth

C J K Rowling

4) In Greek legend, what is the name given to the creature that is half man and half bull?

A Centaur

B Minotaur

C Chimera


5) Which is the longest river in Britain?

A River Severn

B River Thames

C River Trent

6) How many Gold medals did Team GB win at the 2008 Olympics?

A 19

B 21

C 23


7) Which of the following agricultural shows got the highest visitor numbers in 2008?

A Royal Highland Show

B Royal Welsh Show

C Great Yorkshire Show

8) Who was quoted at the NFU’s agm as saying that UK farmers had a “core responsibility to grow and produce the majority of food consumed by British people”?

A NFU president Peter Kendall

B HRH Prince Charles

C Prime Minister Gordon Brown

9) What do you call a group of owls?

A Brood

B Covey

C Parliament


10) John Torode, president of the Royal Agricultural Society of England, is famous for being a presenter on TV’s Masterchef. But what’s the name of his fellow presenter?

A Gregg Wallace

B Wallace Simpson

C Greg Dyke

11) Name three of Santa’s Reindeer – other than Rudolph?

12) Wales was victorious in the 2008 Six Nations rugby tournament. But which team came last?

A Italy

B Scotland

C Ireland

13) In what year was the Queen’s Christmas speech was first televised?

A 1962

B 1957

C 1959


14) Which of the following is a popular day to hold a pheasant shoot?

A Christmas Eve

B Christmas Day

C Boxing Day

15) In which city did US president-elect Barack Obama make his victory speech?

A Washington

B Chicago

C Pennsylvania


16) Which make of tractor is made in Basildon, Essex?

A New Holland

B McCormick

C Massey Ferguson

17) Which of these isn’t one of the three wise men?

A Melchior

B Aragorn

C Balthasar

18) Falstaff is a variety of:

A Potato

B Wheat

C Apple

19) Which of these three is not a UK village?

A Barton in Arden

B Barton in Fabis

C Barton in the Beans

20) Who is the current holder of the World Record for wheat harvesting?

A New Holland

B Claas

C John Deere

21) Who was the first person to Score 40/40 on Strictly Come Dancing?

A Colin Jackson

B Natasha Kaplinksy

C Jill Halfpenny


22) Which organisation celebrated its centenary in 2008?

A Tenant Farmers Association

B National Farmers Union

C Farmers Weekly

23) Which of these is not a pure breed poultry variety?

A Minorca

B Sussex

C Gibraltar

24) Which of these is the traditional Christmas tree?

A Norway Spruce

B Swedish Spruce

C Danish Spruce

25) A male turkey is most commonly called a:

A Stag

B Cock

C Jock


26) In which county is the college Askham Bryan located?

A Lancashire

B Yorkshire

C Durham

27) The popular Christmas film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is based on a book written by which author?

A Doris Lessing

B Ian Fleming

C P D James


28) Jimmy Doherty fronted a TV show about farming this year. What was it called?

A Jimmy Doherty’s Farming Hoodlums

B Jimmy Doherty’s Farming History

C Jimmy Doherty’s Farming Heroes

29) Who was Hilary Benn’s predecessor as DEFRA secretary?

A Margaret Beckett

B Nick Brown

C David Miliband

30) Which character in the Archers is detoriating with Alzheimer’s?

A David Archer

B Jack Woolley

C Brian Aldridge

31) The film Mamma Mia smashed box office records in 2008? But which Oscar winning actress starred in it?

A Helen Mirren

B Emma Thompson

C Meryl Streep


32) Which is the largest county in Britain?

A North Yorkshire

B Lincolnshire

C Hampshire

33) On which date did hunting with dogs become illegal in England and Wales?

A February 2006

B February 2005

C February 2004


34) Which part of your body would be in pain if you damaged your cruciate ligament?

A Your elbow

B Your knee

C Your back

35) Which European city does the Sima show take place in?

A Paris

B Hanover

C Bologne

36) Which is the odd one out?

A Lonk

B Lleyn

C Limon

37) What is Jethro Tull famed for inventing?

A Barbed wire

B Seed drill

C Baler twine

38) Which farmyard animal starred in the film Babe?

A Chicken

B Lamb

C Pig

39) If you saw a Turdus merula in your garden. What would it be?

A Blackbird

B Heron

C Sparrow

40 ) Solve the following three anagrams (clue: The answers are government agencies operating around the subject of agriculture).

A Contravening enemy

B Stands for “go and decay”

C A masterly repugnancy

1) A 2) C 3) A 4) B 5) A 6) A 7) B 8) C 9) C 10) A 11) Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen 12) A 13) B 14) C 15) B 16) A 17) B 18) C 19) A 20) A 21) C 22) B 23) C 24) A 25) A 26) A 27) B 28) C 29) C 30) B 31) C 32) A 33) C 34) B 35) A 36) C – the others are breeds of sheep 37) B 38) C 39) A 40) A) Environment Agency B) Food Standards Agency C) Rural Payments Agency


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