Firm trade at Clitheroe auction mart

Clitheroe auction mart in Lancashire saw firm trade at its sales earlier this week, with beef and sheep prices helped by generally tight numbers coming forward.

At Tuesday’s (19 May) primestock sale of 173 prime spring lambs, prices averaged 204p/kg (under 36kg) and 207p/kg (over 36kg), with top price of £91.50 a head (215p/kg) going to Texel lambs over 36kg.

Despite the switch to new-season lambs, there was still “tremendous” trade for hoggs, with 174 brought forward. Prices averaged 164p/kg for hoggs under 36kg and 175p/kg for those over that weight.

Earlier this week, hoggs with singles were about £3 a head up on the week at Monday’s store sheep and lamb sale. Top price was £189 for hoggs with twins at foot, while mules with twins were up to £136 a head.