First Milk announces price increases

First Milk is increasing its milk for cheese and balancing pool prices in two stages to 28p/standard litre.

Further business efficiencies, robust conversations with its customers and a view on the future direction of milk market prices prompted the increase, said the Glasgow co-op, which has 2,000 supplying farmers.

The cheese pool price will rise in two stages, with 1p/litre being added on 1 November and 0.75p/litre on 1 December. Balancing pool members will get an increase of 0.65p/litre on 1 December.

The rises follow the announcement in September of a standard litre liquid pool price rise for First Milk suppliers totalling 2.6p/litre, staggered in October and November, which incorporates a 1.6p/litre increase to 28.65p/litre from 1 November.

Balancing pool suppliers in the same announcement got a 0.5p/litre increase from 1 October and are due a 0.75p/litre increase from 1 November, which will take their price to 27.35p/litre for that month.

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