Foot and mouth disease confirmed at sixth premises in Surrey

A sixth case of foot and mouth disease has been confirmed on a farm in Surrey.

DEFRA reported the latest case late on the evening of Friday (21 September).

About 40 cattle are believed to have been culled at the un-named farm near Egham, located within the existing 3km Surveillance Zone. 

It is not yet known if the strain of the foot and mouth virus is the same that infected the other five premises, but it is considered highly likely to be the case.

A DEFRA spokesperson said: “Positive test results for foot and mouth disease have now been confirmed at the site where it was decided that cattle should be slaughtered on suspicion.”

A spokesperson for the Country Land and Business Association urged farmers to remain vigilant and observe strict biosecurity.

“We are concerned about the slow, creeping spread of the disease.  This latest case highlights the virulence of foot and mouth and the ease at which it spreads.

“Farmers and rural businesses must continue to enforce strict biosecurity measures.”

Minor changes have now been made to the Protection Zone (PZ) and Surveillance Zone (SZ) in the area.

The new zones can be found at